Colorado Teen Court Association

Colorado Springs Teen Court is proud to be apart of the Colorado Teen Court Association.

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Colorado Teen Court Association Mission

The mission of the Colorado Teen Court Association (CTCA) is to unite Teen Court professionals and volunteers for the purpose of education, advocacy, and support. Our goal is to foster growth and stability within Teen Court programs throughout Colorado. CTCA members will benefit from the Association's communication network, trainings, and an annual conference all designed to promote the success and advancement of Teen Court programs through the state. 

There are currently 13 Teen Court programs in the state of Colorado. Prior to CTCA, each program operated independently, with little communication among programs. Many Teen Courts are staffed by only one individual who is tasked with running all aspects of the program, often with limited resources and time. CTCA seeks to connect and unite Colorado's Teen Court staff and volunteers in an effort to build high quality programs that collaborate and support each other. 

CTCA is one of twenty other state youth court associations throughout the United States.


Colorado Teen Court Association Goals

  • Maintain a communication network among Colorado's existing Teen Court programs for the purpose of problem-solving, information sharing, collaboration, and support.

  • Providing trainings for Teen Court staff at an annual conference, which will include workshops related to management techniques, education on pressing issues, guest speakers, skill sharing, and time for networking among programs. 

  • Host an annual Teen Summit which will allow Teen Court volunteers from across Colorado to convene for training, collaborations, mentorship with judges and lawyers, and participation in a mock trial competition. 

  • Gather and publish data from each program relating to recidivism rates and statistics concerning first-time juvenile offenders

  • Promote the sustainability and development of new and existing programs in Colorado

  • Reduce juvenile crime by supporting high quality and effective Teen Court programs though out the state.