Alcohol and Drug Awareness Panel for Teens

The Alcohol/Drug Awareness Panel will consist of a trained restorative facilitator, a police officer from the Colorado Springs Police Department, and a licensed psychologist. The participants will share their individual experiences or stories and discuss just how serious it can be to have drug/alcohol charges on their records. They will also discuss the physical and mental behaviours restulitng from drug/alcohol usage.

The goals of the alcohol/drug panels are to:

  • Help offenders understand the impact of their crimes on victims and communities.
  • Provide community members with a structured, positive outlet to share their personal experiences and to educate offenders about the physical, emotional, and financial consequences of crime.
  • Humanize the effects of prolonged alcohol or drug use on one’s personal and professional future. This may in turn help offenders develop respect and accountability for their actions.
  • Create an understanding of the physical/mental behaviors and the changes that come with drug and alcohol use.

Attendees will be expected to participate in the two time, two-hour class by engaging in a dialogue with both the panel members and the facilitator and answering a series of written questions relating to the experience.