Community Impact Panel

Community Impact Panels provide a forum for community members to discuss with juvenile offenders the impact that shoplifting has on their lives and on their businesses.

The panels will consist of a trained facilitator, Teen Court volunteers, loss prevention representatives, and members of the community (store owners, store managers or representatives etc.). Panel members will share their individual experiences or stories.

The goals of Community Impact Panels are to:

  • Help offenders understand the impact of their crimes on victims and communities.
  • Provide community members with a structured, positive outlet to share their personal experiences and to educate offenders about the physical, emotional, and financial consequences of crime.
  • Humanize the impact of criminal behavior for offenders, and teach them the short and long-term effects of crime on real people. This may in turn help them develop respect and accountability for their actions.
  • Attendees will be expected to participate in the two-hour class by having a dialogue with both the panel members and the facilitator and answering a series of written questions relating to the experience