Community Service

As a part of your sentencing, you will be required to perform community service. The following information contains suggestions for places to perform your community service. Please understand that any community service organization on the list may not allow you to volunteer with them due to limited space, offense exclusions, age exclusions.You are responsible for arranging your community service. Discuss the location with your parents.

    • Teen Court will not accept any community service completed prior to the day of your sentencing hearing (Peer Panel or Trial).
    • Choose a NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION that interests you.
    • Be respectful of the agency that is allowing you the privilege of completing your community service.
    • Agencies offering public service to juveniles 18 years of age or under MAY require parents to appear with the juvenile.
    • Call the agency to register before going in person
    • Please understand that it is your responsiblity to find a nonprofit organization to complete your hours.
    • Teen Court does not guarantee that these locations will be able to provide you with all the hours you are sentenced to complete.
    • Teen Court does not accept online community service
    If you need a list of community services organizations, please look under the defendant tab, and go to downloads. The file is called "Community Serivce Guidelines and Suggestions."