Drug/Alcohol Testing (UAs)

It is the responsibility of the defendant to call and schedule drug testing/evaluations/urinary analysis (UAs). Defendants sentenced to complete drug/alcohol screenings are required to complete random UAs during the three months they have to complete their sentence (Teen Court will not accept multiple UAs taken in a single month).

Teen Court has a strict policy regarding drug evaluations. *ALL UAs MUST BE CLEAN (NEGATIVE), AND RESULTS OF ALL UAs MUST BE SENT TO TEEN COURT.* If 2 UAs are MISSED, it will count as a POSITIVE UA. A dilute UA is considered a POSITIVE UA. If a defendant receives a 2nd POSITIVE UA, further sentencing will be imposed. If a defendant acquires 3 POSITIVE UAs, they will FAIL the Teen Court program and will be sent back to Municipal Court for further proceedings. Pre-adjudication cases would be returned to their school for further proceedings. 

Drug Testing is typically conducted by Conspire! Colorado Springs (located at 1495 W. Garden of the Gods Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80907), call 719-260-1128 to get scheduled into a random color cycle rotation. Results of all UAs can be faxed to Teen Court at 719-385-6202.