2016 Annual Luncheon Celebrates Success

2016 Annual Luncheon Celebrates Success What does Restorative Justice look like?  On April 7, 2016 at the DoubleTree by Hilton, 450 supporters, volunteers and community members learned the answer. Hosted by Diane Derby of KKTV Channel 11, a former defendant, his mother, and a student volunteer shared their experiences with Teen Court.

Many in the audience watched wide-eyed as they listened to and identified with Ossian as he spoke about

his experience when he got caught with marijuana and how his Teen Court sentence taught him valuable life lessons to turn his life around. They empathized with Melissa, Ossian's mom, as she talked about how grateful she was for the program that saved her and her child's lives. Maddie Kincaid, a student volunteer, spoke about how she loves that she's able to come into Teen Court every week and help to make a positive change in all of the people that she encounters lives. The common thread in all the stories was the difference Teen Court made in each of their lives.

Generous sponsors El Pomar Foundation, Heuser & Heuser, Dave Johnson Law Office, Salt Mediation Services, KRCC, Sunny 106.3, KKTV 11, and RXP 103.9, covered the cost of the luncheon; assisted by Bootstrappers, who paid at least $350 up front to help with expenses.

Teen Court Assistant Executive Director Morgan Mote, along with former Executive Directors, Barby Schlabs, Linda Lynch, and Pat Ezell Meier, presented The Founders Award to Executive Director Debbie English. Teen Court Volunteer and Operations Director Erick Groskopf, along with Gordon Heuser, presented The David William Enoch Award to Michael Lassota. Dr. Michael Wilbourn told the crowd about the work that is being done between himself and Teen Court for the Alcohol and Drug Panel. Debbie English's retirement was announced. Attendees enjoyed the gallery of defendant-created artwork, the delicious lunch, a live performance by the Colorado Springs Conservatory, and continued to cheer the success of 22 years of Restorative Justice For Teens By Teens. The importance of Teen Court was summed up by Teen Court Board of Directors member, George Hayward, when he said “Each of us have gotten a second chance. Can we give for another?”

Be sure to join us for next year's luncheon!